Bargarran: Scotland’s first interactive play area

Bargarran interactive play area

A state-of-the-art play park has opened in Bargarran in Renfrewshire and includes an outdoor DJ booth called the Fono, a dance arch called the Sona and an activity zone with seven different screens called the Memo, which can be played individually or as a group.

Within the play area, there is also seating areas including an outdoor shelter, zip wire and a calisthenics outdoor gym unit – all key asks from young people as part of a consultation run by Erskine Youth Council.

The funding for the new play space was achieved through a £50,000 grant from Renfrewshire Council’s Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund to Erskine Youth Council, as well as £110,000 allocated by Renfrewshire Council to replace the former MUGA at the site of the new primary school joint campus in Bargarran.

Councillor Michelle Campbell, Renfrewshire Council’s Young Persons Champion, said: “This is a fantastic addition to Bargarran and I can see it being hugely popular with young people from across Renfrewshire and beyond. The new interactive equipment makes it an exciting place to visit, whether that’s to use the DJ decks, dance arch or even just chill out in the new shelter. It could not have happened without the great work of Erskine Youth Council and our Youth Services team, and it’s brilliant to see young people so enthusiastic to make the lives of their peers better. I’m delighted our funding could help make the play park a reality.”

Michael Hoenigmann, Jupiter Play Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to deliver the new play area at Bargarran. It is the most innovative play area in Scotland and includes three interactive products which are sure to be a hit with the local community. These exciting new products blend the excitement of gaming with the joy of outdoor play and there is even an outdoor DJ booth for the teenagers, so I’m sure the local kids will have hours of fun on this new play space.”

“We know the importance of play for young people, it needs to be accessible for all, and we need to see that it can change with time, and this is something we know will absolutely deliver.”

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