Yalp Interactive Fono DJ Booth

Yalp Fono DJ

The Yalp Fono is an entirely new form of play developed with teenagers as the main focus. In order to meet their unique, and often misunderstood demands, Yalp developed the Fono: a DJ-table, made especially for the outdoors.

The Fono is predominantly powered through solar panels positioned on the roof of the DJ booth. It can also be installed with an additional in-ground cable as a backup source of energy. Only needing the same energy input that is required to switch on a light bulb, the booth is incredibly energy efficient.

The Yalp Fono allows teenagers to play, mix, and share the music on their mobile phones. In the end, however, it is much more than just a DJ-table. It is a meeting point and hangout spot for teenagers. This compliments MUGAs, skate parks and other urban areas to create a wider appeal for all young people.



  1. Mobile device pad

  2. Volume

  3. Crossfader

  4. Effects, and the spinning disc and ring

  5. Mobile/Loop buttons

  6. Loop mode

  7. Record

  8. Play

  9. Cut

  10. Tempo

  11. Headphone slot (if preferred)

Technical information
Age Range: Teenagers Up
No. of Users: 1+
Critical Fall Height:
Surface Area: