Yalp Toro

The Toro is a colourful and multi-functional sports field, whereby traditional goals have been replaced with interactive panels. The field contains 4 interactive goals (1 master goal and 3 standard goals) which are connected with cables and contain vivid LED lights and audio speakers, which light up and interact with the player’s every time a goal is made. Players are encouraged to play the various games in whichever way they please.

The games available on the Toro are both physically and mentally challenging
where complete awareness of the pitch and the goals are required to beat the game. Unlike a traditional MUGA the range of games and the appeal is far more diverse.

The Toro is great for tactical and physical training as well as playing for fun. The size of the Toro allows for larger groups or teams to play as well as individuals.

Yalp Toro

Technical information

Age Range: 6
No. of Users: 1

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