Design Fono

Fono Design DJ

The Fono Design is the ultimate hangout space for young people. They can use their own music on their own terms to create their own environment.

The Fono is predominantly powered through solar panels positioned on the roof of the DJ booth. It can also be installed with an additional in-ground cable as a backup source of energy. Only needing the same energy input that is required to switch on a light bulb, the booth is incredibly energy efficient.

The Fono functions by amplifying the music on a smart phone and then the creativity can begin! The decks are similar to the professional equipment used by DJ's and it is possible to create a range of effects, using the range of filters and recording functions. It is a great way for young people to explore the DJ world without the expensive outlay of regular DJ equipment. It is also a lot more social!

The Fono is a great compliment to MUGA's and skateparks and this sleek design with the oak roof is a softer variation to the concrete and steel Fono.


  1. Mobile device pad
  2. Volume
  3. Crossfader
  4. Effects, and the spinning disc and ring
  5. Mobile/Loop buttons
  6. Loop mode
  7. Record
  8. Play
  9. Cut
  10. Tempo
  11. Headphone slot (if preferred)

Technical information

Age Range: 8+


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