Yalp Memo Interactive Play

Yalp Memo

The Yalp Memo is a the most exciting piece of educational and physical play all in one interactive play set. It includes maths and memory games which train the brain as well as lots of speed and other sporty games and thanks to its built in wireless internet connection, new Yalp Memo games are continuously added.

The Memo has different games to play, and more constantly being developed. The games aim to challenge the children by using their brains and creativity in a fun format.

Games Available:

  1. Dizzy: Choose a team colour, red or green. When you see a post with your colour, run to it before your opposition. The first person to hit all the posts their colour wins.

  2. Matty: Find the post with the correct answer to the math sum provided and run to tap before the rest of your friends.

  3. Switch: Choose a team colour. When the game has begun, your team has to turn all the posts to your colour before the opposing team in order to win.

  4. Tag: Hit your colour the quickest. The last person to hit is out, the rounds get quicker each time until only one person is let and deemed the winner.

  5. Memory: Remember the symbols and find the matching posts. This can be done individually or as a team.

  6. Runner: Two players race against each other. Hit the next post as fast as possible, but watch out the colours can switch from the inside to the outside. The first play who runs two rounds around the posts wins.

  7. ABC: Hit the letters as fast as possible in the order of the alphabet. When all letters are hit correctly the time taken will show up. The player with the fastest time wins.

Technical information
Age Range: 6+
No. of Users: 1-7
Critical Fall Height:
Surface Area: 8m diameter