Get into World Cup Fever with Jupiter and Yalp Interactive Play

Football, like most sport over the past few years, has had to adapt to an unprecedented situation with games being played behind closed doors. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a sharp increase in sport viewing in the UK and with the success of the Lionesses this summer the appetite for this FIFA World Cup and for England & Wales to do well is strong.

The tournament will start on the 20th November with hosts Qatar playing Ecuador, and Wales & England’s campaign will be kicking off on the 21st November against USA and Iran respectively. With the matches taking place from 20th November to 18th December, it is the first time that a World Cup has been held at this time of year and domestic football leagues will be on a break.

Taking Football into the 21st Century

At Jupiter, we know how football brings people together and provides endless enjoyment and health benefits to local communities. Our football focused offering is different to anything else on the market; we have been working with our Global Partner Yalp since 2014 to deliver interactive sports arenas and ball walls, as well as other cutting edge interactive products aimed at all ages and abilities.

As part of the World Cup campaign, we’ve teamed up with Yalp to offer the opportunity to win £5000 towards a SUTU Ball Wall or TORO Ball Court for your next project. Simply visit our webpage for further information and to register your interest.


The SUTU was inspired by the traditional process of drawing a chalk goal on a wall, of kids playing a game a football against a wall in the street and making up challenges. This simple idea has been brought into the 21st Century through a wall made up of 16 illuminated LED panels that register ball contact using vibration sensors.

“When playing a game of football on the wall for just 5 minutes, your heart rate reserve (HRR) increases by 60% and you burn an average of 36 calories”

The Hague University of Applied Science – 2017

Interactive play combines the addictiveness and competitiveness of video games with the physical activity of outdoor sport. Fun games are constantly being developed by a talented team of game designers, members of the team have worked for Play Station and understand how to innovate to keep younger generations engaged.

Through Yalp’s tech we can create competitive communities both locally and globally. Players can monitor their statistics online; with the SUTU wall in particular players can claim their score which goes onto a global leader board or players can create their own leagues and share their scores with friends.

YALP TORO Ball Court

The TORO was developed alongside Marc Lammers, the Olympic gold-winning coach for the Dutch women’s field hockey team. Yalp wanted to challenge athletes and players in a fun way and contribute to intensive training. By using interactive goals, they created an environment that changes training sessions dynamically.

“The Toro is perfect for intense (skill) training for the young players. As well as offering a fun and challenging array of games”

Marc Lammers – Coach of the Dutch Women’s field hockey team

The TORO ball wall brings people out into the fresh air and, at the same time, motivates them to exercise healthily and have fun. It’s accessible to all players, and its intuitive operation is easy to understand. The games have different levels and degrees of difficulty. Even people with a disability and people in wheelchairs are in the middle of the action and fully involved.

With World Cup fever starting to build, it is a great time to invest in 21st Century Interactive sport products to capitalise on the excitement around football this winter. To find out more about the Yalp Interactives register your interest in our World Cup Campaign to have the chance of winning £5000 towards a SUTU or TORO, or contact our team to find out more & discuss your project.