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Keeping children healthy and active outdoors is an important part of their education. Over the last few years many research papers have identified the decline in outdoor activity, and perhaps not so surprisingly correlates with the lower grades acheived in reading maths and science.
We believe in playful living at all ages. We are here to support the education system for all ages and have creative products and case studies to inspire children and young people to be active in their break times, as well as finding educational opportunities to integrate it into the curriculum.

We can support you with curriculum based play activities, multi-use-games-areas or perhaps something more interactive like the Yalp Memo which has been proven to keep children more focused in more educational physical play. We are certain we can also keep up with the trends of the Finish education system with our playful approach!

"This is an excellent addition to our school facilities', we are very pleased with the outcome. The service throughout the project has been excellent and the quality of the equipment is outstanding. The children had a super sports day this year with their new sports court."

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