Carriage Charge:
For orders valued at £5000 or less, a charge of 15% of equipment value is applied
For orders valued above £5,000, a charge of 10% of equipment value is applied
Minimum carriage charge on equipment orders is £250
Minimum carriage charge on spare parts is £30
The above charges apply unless otherwise stated

Carriage Costs (outside UK mainland)
Price on application

Supply & Installation Costs
Budget costs assume that easy lorry access & precise siting of the equipment will be provided, no surface or underground obstructions will be encountered during excavation such as concrete, hard-core, rock, chalk, roots, drainage, gas or water pipes, telephone or electricity cables etc. In the event of any such obstructions we reserve the right to charge for any additional work involved. We cannot accept liability for any consequent charges that may be incurred by disruption of any of the foregoing services. For fixed installation prices, a site survey is required by a company representative prior to the order being placed.

Post Installation Inspection
As per the recommendations of BS EN 1176-2008 please carry out a post installation inspection of the completed site. This can be arranged via Jupiter Play or please contact the Register of Play Inspectors.

FHS Equipment
All playground equipment supplied by us is completely pre-assembled in production. The equipment is either delivered in completely pre-assembled condition or dispatched in individual units, which are as large as possible and are numbered before being dismantled depending on positioning. Some pieces of equipment will require corrosion protection if located within 5 miles of the sea. Price available on request. Please note if standard parts are not upgraded and are then corroded due to the sea air, these parts will not be covered under our guarantees.

Arctic Lorry:
Our deliveries will arrive on an articulated lorry. If deliveries cannot be accepted on this vehicle, additional charges will be incurred.
Some of our equipment may require heavy lifting equipment. It is the customer’s responsibility to make adequate arrangements to offload them.
Amendments to Orders:
Cancellations or changes to confirmed orders may be subject to additional charges.

Payment Timetable
Our terms of trading dictate that the first transaction between companies is carried out on a pro-forma basis. Thereafter credit terms will apply should your application be successful.
Supply Only Orders:
Goods will be invoiced on dispatch from the factory.
Installation Projects:
“All equipment to be deployed on site will be invoiced on dispatch from the factory. The Balance will be invoiced on installation completion.

Bespoke Items:
A 50% deposit will be required with orders of all bespoke commissions. The balance will be invoiced on despatch from the factory.

Minimum Installation Charge
On orders received with installation, a minimum installation charge per site of £1000 applies in all cases.

Main Contractor’s Discount
Our quotation does not include for a Main Contractor’s Discount.
If a 2.5% Main Contractor’s Discount is applicable, please add 2.563% to our quoted prices.

All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT, at the current rate of 20%
Delivery approximately between 4 to 8 weeks from date of order
Prices are valid for a period of 90 days from quotation date
Terms of payment strictly net 15 days

Ownership of all equipment and materials on site will remain the title of Jupiter Play & Leisure Ltd until all outstanding invoices are paid in full. In the case of equipment invoiced on dispatch, title will transfer on full remuneration of this equipment invoice.

Jupiter Play & Leisure Ltd Registered Office: 9 Ainslie Place. Edinburgh. EH3 6AT. Registered in Scotland: No 200761