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Willows Activity Park

Willows Activity Farm

A few years ago over 1 million pounds has been invested in developing Willows Activity Farm playground in St Albans, which incorporates the natural landscape and state-of-the-art interactive technology – a bespoke Sona play arch. The park is all featured around the story of Peter Rabbit, the sensory gaming activity helps them to learn about numbers and colours in a fun and active way, the Yalp Sona has been completely customised to fit the Peter Rabbit theme. This unique product brings all generations together, enabling parents, grandparents, carers and children of all abilities to all play together – and best of all games can be created, added and changed bringing new games and actives to the space on a regular basis, so returning guests get something new and exciting on every visit!

Willows Activity Park  Willows Activity Park

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