Visiting the UK’s Most Interactive Playground

Interactive Playground

During the hottest months of the UK summer, Jupiter Play organised several seminar’s at our newly installed interactive playground. Why the hype about this particular site? It’s the UK’s most interactive playground – and it allows individuals to come and play on products they have only been able to experience through a screen before!

We are at a stage in life where smart phones and video-games are no longer a luxury, but a norm. As a result, children have become less satisfied with playing outdoors freely. It has become a natural instinct to simply sit in-front of a screen. Children these days have entertainment expectations that we wouldn’t have imagined possible 30 years ago. This is why is it hard for individuals to understand the amazing technology behind our Yalp interactive products, without playing on them in person. They are the perfect answer to getting children back outdoors and exercising in the fresh air again! Our interactive products combine today’s digital allure with the enjoyment of being outdoors and is reversing the sad statistic of 74% of 5-12 year olds receiving less than one hour of outdoor play time a day!

Opening up the UK’s most interactive playground, it made sense to use this site to share our knowledge proactively. Especially with those who have not yet had the chance to experience interactive play before.

Fun on the Interactive Playground

After an informative morning learning about how, why, when, where on each product in the Yalp Interactive family, we took a trip down to the site. Instinctively, when you see a button, you want a press it – and that is what happened! On every occasion, the moment we stepped foot on the interactive playground, it took about 10 seconds for an individual to locate the button on the Sona, and start the playtime. Although some individuals were reserved on the first interactive playset, by the last product – they were racing to be next to play on the units. Not only are the interactive products unique, they are infectious. This encourages you to keep playing and produce a better score than last time!

Interactive Playground


Moving across the site, it did not take long to see which individuals were gravitating to which products. This is the beauty of having a fully interactive playground – each individual is different, and they will always become partial to a product they relate best to. If you are a music fan, you will gravitate to the Fono. If you are a ballgame fan, you will gravitate to the Toro or the Sutu. Or if you just love being outdoors and challenging yourselves, you will gravitate towards the Memo or the Sona.

Each product has been developed on the foundations of different sports. This ensures that all individuals have a product they can best relate to. It was interesting to see, that although all individuals were classified as adults, all were sure they were going to win – by all means! This highlights how these products suit all ages and abilities, adding inter-generational value when you add these products to your public play space.

Interactive Playground

Recording Scores on the Interactive Playground

An app has recently been developed to link up with the Sutu wall. This allows individuals to play several games, claim their score and enter a worldwide competition. Individuals who use the application are able to gain badges when they win titles and can challenge their friends to beat their score. The aim of the game is to encourage individuals to keep coming back to site, when someone overtakes their personal best. It also allows them to monitor their performance on a worldwide scale. This application has plans to expand and include the entire range. It also has a map which shows users other interactive sites that are in close proximity to allow users to branch out and visit new areas to be active.

Evaluating the Interactive Playground

On one occasion, we had the pleasure of Aaron Niblett of Hertsmere Borough Council attending. Aaron is a firm believer of the power of interactive play. He went on to explain successes since installing his first Sona arch back in 2015. Hertsmere drew up an intervention scheme to aid childhood obesity levels. Since, they witnessed a positive affect on targets – and often reach above the global useage average! Attendees on this seminar found this information valuable. Hearing from Aaron that the success led to further purchases gave them a vote of confidence to follow!

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