What does turning 20 mean to our customers?

A to Play

2019 marks a significant year as Jupiter Play celebrates 20 years in the outdoor play equipment sector.

We are proud of the years of innovation we have delivered so far, but this is a poignant moment to take stock and re-evaluate the aims of Jupiter Play, who are we? What do we stand for? What is our mission? We have a constant desire to improve and ensure we deliver something far greater than the basics of selling a product or service. For anyone in the sector of design and development for the public realm, we have a real opportunity to make a difference and we mark 20 years by re-valuating our mission with the aim:

“To create exceptional outdoor spaces which inspire children to be more active and improve their health and wellbeing”

Why does celebrating 20 years matter to our customers?

1. Reliable business with a great reputation for quality and service.
2. Long term relationships with our suppliers, such as FHS who we have celebrated 10 years of partnership with.
3. Independence – we look for the best solution for our customers as we are not selling our own product line. By choosing our supplier and project carefully we can push boundaries and deliver spaces that are making a difference to our communities.
4. Experienced team of people specialising in bespoke, inclusive and landscape led design.
5. Customer service – we pride ourselves on relationships and working in collaboration and consultation with our clients through every step of their journey developing, installing and caring for their play space.

We guarantee a consistent level of service for all clients by following our ‘A to Play’ journey which puts our clients and our quality service at the heart of our business.

A to Play

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