Fruit Climber

Fruit Climber

This multiplay unit is great for any public park or school playground. Without taking up too much free space, it challenges upper and lower body strength as well as providing imaginative play value! This unit is a great piece for those looking for a fun and challenging piece on a tight budget! Part of Galopin's fruit range, this design holds a unique structure sure to catch anyone's eye! This multiplay unit allows children at all stages of development to have fun. For children who are more advanced, they can use the rock wall to climb to the first platform. Alternatively, younger children, or those who have not mastered upper body strength can use the low level steps. Once on the unit, children can pretend to be spiders to get across the climbing net. This net is easily accessible for parent and carers who wish to support their children across! Once at the second platform children have an option to slide down to the bottom or use the fireman's pole. This compact unit really does provide endless hours of fun! The bright colours, and themed posts add intrigue and adventure. As children progress across the unit, they can role play climbing through the trees of a tropical forest!

Product Options

Galopin's Fruit range is a colourful line which suits large number of users and fits into small playground spaces. However, for those who are looking for a larger sculpture with the same aestetics, we have larger options in the same range!
Material: HDPE, Metal

Technical information

Age Range: 4-12
No. of Users: 18
Critical Fall Height: 2.4m
Surface Area: 42.4m²

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