Daisy's Garden, Cheshire Ice-Cream Farm

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm
Installed 2015

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“”Jupiter did not push their own products onto us, they understood the design and sourced other companies as well as their own vast range to help bring our vision together. Absolutely perfect!” Johnathan Fell, Manager”

Our client at Cheshire Ice Cream Farm had a vision; a magical Willy-Wonka style play-landscape where ice-cream and sugary sweet colours would capture the imagination of children and their families to be THE day trip to go on.
The Cheshire Ice Cream Farm is a commercial venture and the play area has to be of high enough quality to encourage visitors to travel and stay a period of time and boost secondary spend.

The result has been phenomenal, within the space of a year visitor numbers doubled over the summer holiday period. Having over 821,000 visitors last year (2018), making it one of the UK’s most popular free-to-enter attractions. The majority of reviews on TripAdvisor rate the ice-cream farm as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’ and many bloggers have documented their trip to Daisy’s Garden reporting it to be a top family destination.

For more information please visit www.theicecreamfarm.co.uk

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