Kilburn Grange

Kilburn Grange
London Borough of Camden
Installed 2019

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“A partnership such as this is hugely valuable in high-end project developments because it brings together so much experience and expertise in the field of landscape architecture, bespoke structural design, play value and standards as well as the vital ongoing after-care support once a structure is in place.”

Project Background 

Kilburn Grange is one of the larger parks in Camden and offers an array of play and active experiences; in particular, an adventure play area made from reclaimed materials. Although the adventure play area offered some wonderful play opportunities it also became difficult to manage and fund.

Camden Council were keen to continue to provide a play opportunity but it had to conform to the EN1176 playground standards while still offering the aesthetic and risk-benefit that an adventure playground typically brings.

Erect Architecture, the lead design on this project, developed a concept heavily weighted around the arboretum, seasonality and trees theme and looked for suppliers who could create a unique bespoke structure that reflected this.

In addition, the site location offered very little space and required careful planning around trees with TPO’s and root protection areas.

Bespoke Design Development 

Jupiter Play’s skilled Bespoke Design Specialist works closely with clients and our suppliers to evolve the designs and ensure there is a balance between the requirement of the playground standards and artistic flair and play value. Our partners FHS and Krambamboul are known in the industry for providing high-quality products with the most superior raw materials and quality craftsmanship and joinery. It is through our own bespoke design capabilities that we can ensure we evolve our client’s designs to be RIBA Stage 3 ready along with the technical drawings ready for manufacture.

The process for Kilburn Grange began with a concept sketch idea, to developing a layout with Erect Architecture that would minimise the impact on trees and vegetation to continued consultation and liaison with our supply chain. The final result is a high-quality play space that offers an incredibly unique play experience and aesthetic unique to the borough.

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