A New Landscape Architect Joins the Team!


We are pleased to welcome Alex Pirks to our team as our Play Landscape Architect. We have a creatively diverse team of Designers who speicalise in product, bespoke, graphic, play and sport design and now we are pleased to add this valuable skill-set to the team.

We feel it is important to have a team of Designers who find inspiration from a wide range of disciplines and it is great to have Alex who joins us with a First Class Masters in Landscape Architecture from University of Edinburgh. Alex has worked with a number of practices both in the UK and in Norway which gives us valuable insights into landscape design both home and away.

Alex says: “When deciding on my career landscape architecture was an exciting emerging profession that could help in some way with solving some of the problems of our time, such as climate change and housing shortages to name a few.

In Scotland and the rest of Britain we face intensifying climatic conditions, an increasingly urbanised population and significant budgetary constraints. Fundamentally, all of these changes alters our relationship with our environment and the places which we live. Somewhere landscape architecture plays a role in reducing these points of tension whilst aiming to facilitate in building an inspiring and sustainable place to live.

I still have a lot to learn about the play profession before I can really define where I’ll best contribute. That being said, at first glance I would like to contribute  in providing varied, less defined imaginative play spaces  that improves a child’s relationship and attachment to their natural environment and place.”

All our clients benefit from the support and advice from our entire design team and Alex will also be a great contact for anyone wanting more detailed landscape approaches to their designs.


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