Interactive Play is a hit at LIW

Interactive Play is a hit at LIW

LIW is one of the largest shows targeting health sports, fitness and play. The great thing about this exhibition is that it highlights the many ways in which people of all ages can be active. The greatest surprise for visitors and exhibitors alike was the Yalp interactive range on offer by Jupiter Play.

Approaching our stand the large orange arch greeted our guests as well as 7 inconspicuous posts, hmmm what could these be? The whole stand then comes to life as soon as the button was pressed on either the Sona or Memo. Not only was the simplicity of the games a surprise to most  it was the amount of energy expended that was the real surprise.

‘Wow you really can improve your fitness on these!’ a comment heard frequently through the day.

Over on the central LIW park, hoards of people were gathering to watch matches on the interactive Toro court, a completely innovative way to refine football skills or bring 5-a-side back to life.

For more information on the interactive play products please email

Getting active at LIW on the Memo from Jupiter Play.

Staff getting in their early morning wake up on the Memo

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