Active Learning with Tollerton School

What do you get when you mix maths, English, speed, spatial awareness and endurance? An interactive game; Memo by Red Dot Award Winners Yalp.

We had a lot of fun with our most recent and local installation engaging the local primary school as part of our Interactive Activation, support we provide all of our customers who purchase an interactive. We are passionate about inspiring more children to be active and engage in creative learning and the Memo really fulfills this!

We spent an afternoon out with 26 children, their teacher and teaching assistants, at Tollerton playing field to show them how to get the most out of the Memo by showing them the many ways in which the varying games can be played.

‘Tag’ was the warm-up of the afternoon getting the competitive spirit going and to get everyone feeling active and ready for the challenges ahead. The educational games of Matty and ABC followed as a physical exercise has been linked to being more engaged to learn and this was a perfect place to test that theory!

One child was overheard saying ‘I hate maths’ while her friend encouragingly replied ‘Don’t worry it’s really fun on here’ of which this was later confirmed by her friend that she did in fact enjoy maths this way!

The most insightful part of the day was the encouragement the children gave each other and how the team spirit to find the answers or spur on the underdog in the running challenges. As any game developer knows, it’s not just about the enjoyment of the player themselves, but the possibility to attract an audience to the game, which in turn inspires them to play – that is what makes gaming so addictive.

Mrs Cooper the class teacher said:

“We thoroughly enjoyed the session on Monday – the children were engaged and active which was great. The interactive memo mat is a great resource for the community and even though I don’t live in the village, I will visit it over the holidays with my own children aged 13 and 8. The resource is good quality and worked with no glitches – we will be interested to see how games develop further and will revisit with my new class in the new term.”

We have been so inspired by our activations with our Yalp clients and their communities, as they have engaged people of all ages to be more active, creative and thoughtful in ways we had never anticipated. 

Memo Yalp interactive play


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