Breaking Through Dementia with Interactive Play

Sona for elderly

Keeping our elderly mentally revitalised and physically fit with interactive play

When considering interactive play, senior wellbeing is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind. Regardless, it is becoming of increasing importance that our growing number of senior citizens stay physically fit. Getting sufficient exercise and movement improves balance and coordination, helping to increase their independence. Current senior policies aim to ensure that seniors stay independent as long as possible. To achieve this, preventative exercise routines are to be acquired and given by care facilities. Placing the proper senior exercise equipment in public areas, at care facilities, or through housing corporations give these places a new societal function. These areas can help seniors get more fresh air, move about more, and create social contacts. Municipalities and developers can play an important role in creating such senior exercise areas.

Sona for elderly

Interactive exercise equipment in public areas

Getting sufficient exercise is important, also for seniors. We would probably all agree on this. but what is the true value of interactive exercise equipment in all of this, and what are the options? At this moment in time, there is merely one interactive product available on the market that allows for two-way interactive information sharing …

… The Yalp Sona

This piece of equipment has been made to cater for all ages, encouraging multi-generational play and is easily wheelchair friendly. Music has an amazingly effective and lasting impact on people with dementia, as discussed by NHS England. Music not only helps seniors (with or without dementia) breakthrough passivity but also revitalises them mentally. People with dementia are more prone to depression, being outside, moving and exercise are shown to be both preventative and healing in this regard.

Preventative and healing exercise

Of course, certain physical limitations arise as we get older,  nevertheless, there is still much to be gained in terms of balance, strength, and hand-eye coordination, and, it works! Since 2009, Yalp has been regularly experimenting with specially designed ‘Design For All’ (DFA) play and exercise equipment in elderly homes and health care facilities and are showing positive results.

To read more about this topic, please view our whitepaper here.

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