Thinking Outside The Box


It is time to think outside the box as to how we deliver playgrounds and active spaces …

The leisure industry was largely ignored within the government’s budgets in 2018. ukactive called the budget a “missed opportunity for preventative health solutions”.

Budget cuts as well as, increased material costs, changes in regulations, increased demands on safety, and playground companies battling for the lowest costs to win bids have completely diminished the fundamental value of the playground and as a consequence, children are getting substandard leisure facilities.

How can we diversify facilities to encourage children to be more engaged and physically active?

Thinking outside the box and beyond standard sports equipment and focusing on the core values of play, will increase children’s physical literacy – encouraging an active lifestyle, increasing inclusion and decreasing obesity.

There are now more play equipment solutions than ever before. Jupiter Play works with some of the most innovative companies in the world, Yalp, FHS and Galopin each helping children to develop their fundamental movement skills.

Invest for the future with FHS: With a 15-year warranty, this is not a short term investment. With the highest quality Robinia timber, which has been rested and prepared for over 4 years. All the FHS products are handcrafted by skilled carpenters and joiners and made to order to ensure they are of the highest quality – with zero plastic.

Inclusive Bath House Park

Bring play into the 21st Century with Yalp: Leading the way with their series of interactive products, encouraging inter-generational play, active lifestyles, and fun – aiming to make their interactives as addictive as gaming. With over 800 interactives installed globally, the success of these products has been amazing. They provide you with live usage statistics, literally showing you the ROI and the SROI. They run off 3G and are automatically updated with new games being designed every day.

Sutu Lowfield Sheffield Lowfield Sutu Statistics 2

Let the imagination run wild with Galopin: Contemporary playgrounds with scope for incredible bespoke designs. Attention to detail and high-quality components are vital to the Galopin product range. Ranging from beautifully natural equipment to colourful, attractive and engaging products, Galopin can be incorporated into both natural play spaces or within urban settings.


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