Proven ROI on quality play equipment

ROI Rufford

Rufford Abbey Country Park seeing a fantastic return on investment (ROI) after installing their playground!

Rufford Abbey Country Park is a much-loved attraction in Nottinghamshire, as it is an affordable yet stunning historic destination with beautiful grounds. The country park had previously been lacking in play provision that would engage the entire family and encourage longer dwell times. In 2018 that all changed when the new playground was installed featuring the Robinia play equipment by FHS, in keeping with the character and the natural charm of the park.

Rufford Abbey ROI

“I would say that the play area is our USP, I may be being biased but I believe we have the best free to enter playground in Nottingham. We have had a 20% uplift in visitor numbers since the playground has been installed. We now have catering down at the site, so there has been an uplift in spending their and a substantial increase in spending elsewhere too – I can safely say this playground was totally worthwhile in terms of ROI.  The playground has been so successful that the need for more phases to the space is obvious.

We have had no outgoing costs for maintenance issues, we had to add matting to the mounds by the slides, but this was due to high footfall. There is nothing I would change about the process and partnership we have had from Jupiter Play and I would definitely recommend them!” – Andrew Cox, General Manager

ROI Rufford


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