Educational Seminar – The Power of Interactive Play across Hertsmere

Galopin Kids City

During one of the hottest months of the summer UK we held an interactive play seminar at Ollerton. The response from the seminar was that people wished we had more of these opportunities for colleagues and partners to experience the power of our interactive range. As a result, we decided to take it into autumn months to see the dedication to witness the products first hand in the colder months! The turn out was fabulous, and everyone left just as inspired!

On this occasion, we had the pleasure of holding the seminar in Hertsmere alongside Aaron Niblett, Parks Manager of the Borough Council. Aaron is a proud advocate of interactive play, and the success it has had on levels of obesity and inactivity since the installation of his first product in 2015. Due to the positive impact this one product had on their community, Aaron and Hertsmere Borough Council are now proud owners of all five interactive play sets. Of which, our seminar attendees went to visit and see them in action.

Although some individuals still had reservations on the products after their first site visit, by the time we had visited our last site, they were racing to be the first to engage in the fun!

Hearing about the success the interactives have had across the UK, and the personal experience of Aaron and the interactive investment plan has provided our attendees with a vote of confidence to follow suit!

The future is interactive play!

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