Success for Interactives at the Holiday Park Innovation Show

Galopin Kids City

The 2-day Holiday Park & Resort Innovation show is one of the largest events showcasing new innovations in the leisure industry. The great thing about this exhibition is that it highlights the many ways in which people can diversify their attraction site and generate more sales.

Entering from the main doors at Hall 10, visitors were greeted with a sense of intrigue by the grand orange arch and our enthusiastic staff on Jupiter Play’s stand. The product came to life when the button was pressed and the games began for everyone to enjoy! Not only were people surprised by the advanced technology behind the beautifully simplistic design; they were also blown away by the inclusive and inter-generational value it holds. As a result, the Sona Dance Arch quickly became an iconic reference point at the show…

“A truly amazing piece of kit that will sure-fire set our attraction aside from others!”

“We want to provide our visitors with a play park they can’t travel 5 minutes down the road to play on during the hot summer months! It needs to be unique, and attractive to encourage people to come back. This is definitely what we are looking for!”

By the end of the exhibition we had met a wide range of individuals who all had their interpretations and reservations on interactive play altered!

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