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The world around us is quickly evolving and changing. For us to stay in tune and relevant we have our innovation hub at the heart of our operation. This impacts greatly on our design, consultancy, and delivery of our play spaces but is mostly focused on how we can make a greater contribution to our communities who our play spaces serve.

A Design-Led approach is the single most important drive for Jupiter Play. The team consists of a ‘trio of experts’; bespoke designer, landscape architect, and urban specialist.

The team work within the international network to keep up with the latest developments, most notably with artisans of bespoke design in Germany and Landscape Architects globally.

These partnerships ensure you, our client will always receive a highly skilled and knowledgeable design package.

Inclusive design is the oldest strand of the innovation hub. Did you know that the brand Inclusive Play was set up within Jupiter Play in response to the poor amount of attention and understanding of inclusive play in the play industry?

The founder of the PiPA toolkit is also a senior member of the team, with over a decade of experience collaborating with SEN schools, short breaks teams, and families to keep driving better inducive design.

Jupiter Play’s bespoke design capabilities also enable us to create inclusive products that enable all children to play together, whatever their ability.

Active Landscape Research is our most recent addition to the innovation hub. So concerned are we, with the health crisis in the UK and the low activity levels that are affecting the health and wellbeing of our future generations, we have taken a step to understand how our role as designers for children at play can help to change this.

Having learned the importance of fundamental movement skills we are now working in collaboration with Coventry University on a piece of research that will be one of the most unique studies undertaken within the play and sport sector.

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