Inspire a future generation of heroes

Play Panels

Not all heroes wear capes!

There are an estimated 7.1 million key workers across the UK, who are working tirelessly each day, putting their health and safety at risk in order to help us.

Our partners, Galopin Playgrounds, have decided to honour them by designing various public spaces that reflect the heroism seen during this pandemic. We hope that these playgrounds can play a small part in helping future generations to care more about each other and become a space where our children can imagine, imitate and dream about their new idols. We will donate all profits from these playgrounds to charity, 50% to NHS Charities Together and 50% to a local. charity of your choice that has been affected by Covid-19

We want to show our appreciation for those that are doing the essential but incredibly hard work that is keeping us all safe. Thank you, heroes!

Playground of hope  Playground of strengthPlayground of health  

Watch a video about these playgrounds here.

If you have any further questions in regard to any of these playgrounds, units or panels – please don’t hesitate to get in touch via



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