Jupiter Play: Seminar Series 2022

Jupiter Play’s Seminar Series 2022

Jupiter Play are the disruptors of the play industry and is keen to challenge the way play is procured in the UK. With issues such as climate change, childhood obesity and the dying high-street being high on the agenda within the play industry we will look at how play can help enhance our shared spaces for all and improve our community’s health and well-being.

This seminar series will also focus on the Future of Play in 2022 and beyond, looking at the current built environment and considering areas of improvement. Discussing trends that will influence the landscape of play and finally showing how we can design with the future in mind through an outcome-led process. In this series, we will showcase several state-of-the-art bespoke playgrounds across the UK.

Follow us on Eventbrite to view and register for our future events, listed below is the location of each of our seminars. We hope to see you there!

London Seminar: Home is where the park is 

A3, FHS, Barking Riverside (4)

Glasgow Seminar: Nature Vs Technology 

A1, Bespoke, FHS, The Crannog Drumpellier Country Park (227)

Poole Seminar: The power of design to connect communities to place

A4, Bespoke, FHS, Poole Park Heritage Project (36)

Wokingham Seminar: Technology, people and place

A4, Yalp, Cantley Park (4)

Watford Seminar: Designing for active landscapes

A2, FHS, Oxhey Inclusive Play Area (85)

Midlands Seminar: The positive impact of play in housing developments 


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