Jupiter’s mission to Rewild play spaces!

Today we celebrate #WorldHabitatDay to accelerate action for a carbon-free world with this year’s theme being to reflect on the state of our towns and cities.

Harwoods Adventurous Playground, Watford

What is Rewilding?

We’re passionate about our habitats and the world’s environment, and that’s why we’re committed to sustainability practices & initiatives such as Rewilding to enable nature to take care of itself within our play spaces.

Buckden House, Bradford – Low Ropes Course


“Rewilding is the large scale restoration of ecosystems to the point where nature is allowed to take of itself” Rewilding Britain

Conservation has worked hard for decades, to save wildlife, but it’s time to move beyond saving certain species and patches of nature. Rewilding takes a big picture approach, aiming to restore the wilder natural processes that support life.

Parks and open green spaces are great assets to communities in improving health and well-being but large expanses of amenity grass create a mono-culture which provides practically no habitat for pollinators or animals and plants that make up the diverse ecosystems the planet requires.

We know Rewilding can help reverse species extinction, tackle climate change and improve our overall health and well-being.

Why does it matter to our children?

As designers of play-spaces we are passionate about providing the most playful, unique spaces for children to enjoy and create a sense of WONDER. Well, what’s more WONDERful than spending time in nature?



The Wild Network has a mission to “Rewild Childhood” and through research have found there’s clear evidence that this will both directly and indirectly lead to many benefits for our children that will help them thrive in the 21st century.

As well as becoming more emotionally robust, judging risk better and being better at problem solving, we believe most importantly, that children are more likely to want to care for and fight to protect the environment as they grow.

The younger generations are already passionate and switched on to the Climate Crisis fight but we would love for our play-spaces to encourage the stewardship of their natural surroundings.


Why does it matter to you?

As well as the key benefits associated with rewilding for people and our environment, it’s crucial for developments to consider this in early stages of development to achieve Bio Net Gain.

In addition to this the government has announced new legislation that new English developments will be required to demonstrate a 10% increase in biodiversity on or near development sites.

The Environment Act and the Biodiversity Net Gain approach will make our industry accountable for protecting the natural environment we are working within.


Landscape-led Play

At Jupiter, we have an in-house Landscape Architect team who are experts at stitching play into the existing landscape and designing the landscape to compliment play. We also have a team of Designers who can create bespoke pieces of equipment to sit sympathetically and safely alongside the landscape. We are seeing real value being put on green infrastructure, with semi-mature trees being invested in and installed alongside the play.

Alconbury Weald Play Space, Huntingdon


Contact our team today for further information on how we can support your upcoming projects.

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