Harwoods Adventurous Playground

Watford Borough Council
Installed 2017
£220,000 Supply

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“We are so excited that we can bring this adventurous playground to you. It is the new creative play we wanted for Watford – please come along: You won’t be disappointed. It is clearly loved by the children and it is great to see so many happy faces here as they play. I am particularly proud that this playground has something to offer young people of all abilities. With our other adventurous playground at Harebreaks and our great free Easter and summer play programme, I believe Watford must be one of the best places in the country for play.” Cllr Karen Collet”

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This is one of Jupiter Play’s most exciting projects as it highlights a unique collaboration with Southern Green Landscape Architects, Watford Borough Council and installers SLC to create an inclusive natural playscape which meets the PiPA requirements.

Several years in the making this design was addressing the real need for play, while also making a tough decision to shut an adventure playground that the council could no longer support in terms of its revenue costs. However Watford Borough Council didn’t want to simply shut a playground, a decision that has been made at many local authorities across the UK, instead support the development of a really exciting and challenging play space for children and their families, of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. This development marks the end of the £1.4 million investment in bespoke adventure play, with another site, Harebreaks, also featuring Jupiter Play’s bespoke design towers.

Design Process of Harwoods Adventurous Playground

Watford BC worked together with Southern Green Landscape Architects to create a unique playscape. Jupiter Play and Southern Green are long term collaborators because of our bespoke design and build service and the ability to work with architects to help bring their vision to life.

The key piece is a large bespoke tower with accessible ramps, walkways and wobbly bridges with sensory cues, such as reflective paneling and play panels to explore. It has been designed with the robinia timber and a style that allows it to have a sense of place, and to work with the newly formed character of the landscape, so that the structure itself doesn’t dominate the design, rather it has a natural adventure feel to it.

Harry Young, aged eight, said: “There are loads of rides. I like the big slide best because it’s really long. But I don’t feel scared – just a bit nervous as I come out of the end into all the sand. I got a bit messy, but I am OK now.”

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