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No two play areas should be the same; with Jupiter Play as your partner we can ensure that your play space is unique to you. Not only can this be achieved through innovative play area design but Jupiter Play have the capacity to design small sculptures or huge structures to give your open space its own unique character, whilst working within the European regulations.
FHS is the leading Robinia playground manufacturer, with whom Jupiter Play have been working with for many years, to deliver some of the most incredible play structures across the UK. Visitors to Hyde park may recognise the character of FHS timbers in the woodland trail or a trip to Captain Cook’s birthplace in Middlesbrough to board the Endeavour, hand crafted to be a close replica of the original ship.

Galopin is a leading global brand who is able to deliver contemporary style for bespoke projects, such as the aircraft pictured above which draws inspiration from the Sopwith Camel biplane or a stainless steel spacecraft design that was installed in Russia.

By working with a range of partners we can capture the most far reaching ideas and make them into real playable designs and products!

Imaginations know no limits! Any design you can dream of is possible with our bespoke design service...

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