Jupiter welcomes Lappset as the latest addition to the Global Partner Programme


Jupiter is excited to announce the addition of yet another global player into our Global Partner Programme with Lappset, helping to provide clients with an extensive portfolio of quality brands.

Like Jupiter, Lappset is a family-run business that supplies a vast range of high-quality playground and outdoor sport equipment, as well as park furniture. Products are designed with a focus on quality, durability, safety and sustainability and we are delighted to have them on board.


Lappset have 3 different offers to deliver unique playgrounds:

Bespoke playground equipment

The MyDesign service helps you to introduce modifications to the standard products allowing you to theme the products, select your own colour palette or add your brand. Customisation is quick and easy with the modular nature of the products.

The Lappset Premium service allows playground design to move outside the standard themes, bringing stories to life and developing stunning playground designs that the world’s best architects would admire. Follow The Proven Process to achieve outstanding results.

Lappset Creative design, build and realise branded activity attractions for theme and amusement parks, holiday resorts, family entertainment centres, shopping centres and all kinds of visitor attractions providing solutions that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.


Inclusive playground design

Playgrounds are an important enabler for child development and playground accessibility is a top priority at Lappset. The inclusive playground equipment range enables children with disabilities to play alongside non-disabled children, promoting equality instead of segregating equipment users. Lappset ensures that their inclusive playground designs support the objective that all children can play and enjoy the same playground.

The ethos behind the design of the Lappset products matches the same values that Jupiter are so proud of. Together, we will continue to provide more opportunities for child development, fitness and wellbeing and make playgrounds more accessible for all.


Active portfolio

What sets Lappset apart from most other playground and fitness equipment companies is that they are continually exploring new products and ways to help increase participation in a wider range of activities. The range includes pumptracks, parkour equipment and senior fitness equipment and the new SISU Fitness product line gives fitness enthusiasts and athletes access to adjustable weight training solution for the outdoors. This comprehensive portfolio promotes exercise options for all abilities.


Sustainability and social responsibility

A core priority when considering new partners is that they are serious about sustainability and once we understood Lappset’s sustainability strategies, we knew that they were a great fit for our global partner programme. All Lappset products can be recycled and all Lappset’s facilities use electricity from renewable sources, while the use of PEFC certified northern pine is another eco-friendly choice that meets our expectations of sustainable products. You can view our quality sustainability measures here.

From a social responsibility perspective, Lappset demonstrates the principles and practices of good corporate citizenship, based on the ISO 26000 standards guidelines for economic, social, and environmental responsibility, which is another reason we are happy to have them on board.

Learn more about Lappset social responsibility and sustainability here.


Knowledge Transfer

The Lappset approach to sharing expertise through webinars and videos is another service that we will be looking to share with our clients through our events programme giving clients many ways to engage with our experienced team.


With all these excellent values and the wealth of experience, we are delighted to work with Lappset to bring some of their innovation and industry expertise to the Jupiter team and our UK clients.


Contact our team today for further information.


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