Presenting with the Landscape Institute

The Landscape Institute

This last year has really proven that we cannot take green space and landscape for granted. This is why we are supporting the Landscape profession and the Landscape Institute by sponsoring and supporting a range of events this coming year.

As huge advocates of well-designed spaces that have the power of engaging communities, even the hardest to reach members this is a really important partnership for Jupiter Play. We believe that the old school KFC (kit fence carpet) approach doesn’t deliver value for money. It may have a great appearance in terms of initial costs, but really our landscapes can do so much more.

Consider London’s first public green space – Victoria Park, which opened in 1845 was to mitigate the spread of disease, a stark reminder that we cannot take green space for granted.

However many playgrounds are a continuation of hard landscape with little or no greenery, created through a tendering process that allows no room for the value of planting to people, place and environment.

This is why working with the landscape sector is hugely meaningful to us, we believe the industry should take a holistic approach to play: It’s a partnership between well-designed products built to engage a variety of play experiences that will last for many years and engaging green spaces that offer a full sensory experience and of course, contributes to mitigating the environmental impact of any new development.

We choose landscape, will you?

Choose landscape

For upcoming events: (including our virtual tour of Harwoods in Watford) and CPDs –

FMS: The secret to lasing active lifestyles (Health, wellbeing & place – how landscape delivers positive change),

Health, wellbeing and place

. Technology, People & Place

Inclusive play in natural environments

Inclusive play in natural environments

If you have missed these presentations, get in touch as we are more than happy to present to you and your team.


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