Celebrating National Tree Week

Oxhey Tree

Celebrating Trees

November 26th – December 6th was National Tree Week, trees are not only essential to us as human beings but are also incredibly important when it comes to playing. We all have fond memories of climbing trees when we were young, loving the challenge and the thrill but today, it isn’t a given activity for many children. Children are spending a record-breaking amount of time indoors and on electronic devices, instead of being outside.

Here at Jupiter Play, we recognise the benefits of not just climbing trees but simply being around them. We work in close partnership with Landscape Architects and love designing trees into our playspaces helping to reconnect children and families with nature.

Existing trees – whenever possible with careful root protection planning it is possible to design around existing trees. Quite often this requires a bespoke unit which is designed around the trees.

Planting semi-mature trees –  this works really well on some sites as we are able to place the trees in very specific areas where there aren’t any falling zones for example. Through this method the type of tree can also be selected, often selected are trees that have long, clean trunks with no low lying branches to ensure there is no safety hazard. Planting semi-mature trees can be very effective in immersing a unit or playspace within nature.

Alconbury Weald

Oxhey Park 


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