Staycations; more popular than ever before

Staycations are here to stay 

2020 made us all stand back and take a look at our strengths and weaknesses within our business and to quickly adapt to the new normal with a huge surge in staycations.

This year the UK staycation is bigger than ever before with, 77% of people more likely to book a UK break following the pandemic, and a further 19% said that even if they went on an international holiday, a staycation would likely be on the cards too.

Playgrounds should not be overlooked by holiday park owners, this can be key in attracting families and offers an excellent return on investment and increased footfall.

Tattershall Lakes Holiday Park invested in a new play area next to their popular restaurant, bar and arcade – this increases the dwell time and therefore increases revenue and profits. It has been so successful that they are spending more money on another play space. 

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm is a great example of a company that is seeing a huge return on investment after funding their outdoor wonderland of play – within the space of a year visitor numbers doubled over the summer holiday period. Having over 821,000 visitors in 2018, making it one of the UK’s most popular free-to-enter attractions. 

A New Way To Play; Center Parcs – Amid stiff competition Center Parcs (Resort) are not standing still, they wanted to create a substantial and more mention-worthy experience to tailor to the growing market of teenagers. Across six sites in Western Europe, they have chosen to place 12 interactive playsets. 

All park managers are looking back on their investments very positively. Many of the Center Parcs interactive playsets are within the top-10 most played worldwide. “The guests love it, and the playsets are used nonstop; every day of the season.” – Rudd Rerink, Product Development Manager at Center Parcs

The unique offering generates interest and ‘hype’. This then creates shareability and increased reach to a  wider audience. Social media is a part of all of our lives and sharing posts like these can have a huge influence on the number of users and interest.

If you are looking at improving your existing playground or looking at installing a new play space at your attraction, take a look at our projects for some inspiration just tap here to get in touch.

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