The Football Association Sutu

The second Football Association Sutu has been installed into an existing MUGA in Manchester, Platt Fields. This Sutu was fully funded by Sport England who is working in partnership with ourselves and The FA to provide communities with free access to interactive community play spaces, promoting communities to be more active. Within the first 16 days the Sutu was being played for up to 5 hours a day with a total of 20 hours and that is despite one of the wettest November’s on record!

The Football Association Sutu

This Sutu is part of a larger scheme with The Football Association and Sport England. The first Sutu within this scheme was installed at Lowfielf Park in Sheffield, check it out here.

Sutu Lowfield Sheffield

If you would like to learn more about our FA and Sport England scheme or want to book a site visit to view our interactive product range, please contact us on


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