What does the UK’s Sugar Tax mean for Play

Sugar Tax and Play: What does it mean?

The UK has one of the highest obesity rates among developed countries, and it’s getting worse. By 2050, over 35% of boys and 20% of girls aged 6-10 are expected to be obese. The estimated obesity-related costs to the NHS is over £6 billion.

The Sugar levy is to be implemented in 2018 and will make soft drinks companies pay a charge for drinks with added sugar, and total sugar content of five grams or more per 100 millilitres. That is about 5% sugar content. There is a higher charge for the drinks that contain 8grams or more per 100 millilitres, or about 8% sugar content. This means that pure fruit juices won’t be taxed, because they don’t contain added sugar. Neither will drinks that have a high milk content, because they contain calcium and other nutrients that are vital for a healthy diet.

In England, the new levy revenue will be invested in giving school-aged children a brighter and healthier future, this will include investment in active play areas for schools and pupils and encouragement on a balanced diet lifestyle. For Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Barnett formula will be applied to spending on these new initiatives in the normal way.

A well designed play space can change any individuals perception on being outdoors and active, Jupiter Play can help schools educate their students with our diverse range of active products that go beyond the traditional MUGA’s and gym equipment.

Sugar Tax and Play: What does it mean?

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