Inclusive Partners in Parliament

Sugar Tax and Play: What does it mean?

Last week our Inclusive Play partners went on an exciting day trip to visit Scottish Parliament. They discussed the future of the PiPA toolkit and how it can be embedded further in the Scottish Play Charter…

Jupiter Play are proud advocates of Inclusive Play. We believe in providing every child with the same opportunities to play regardless of age and ability.

Since joining forces with Inclusive Play, it has been a none stop campaign installing accessible play areas across the UK. Alongside the delivery of these play areas, Inclusive Play developed the PiPA toolkit. This includes the interactive map online to help families find these new inclusive play areas.

The PiPA campaign began in 2014 when a group of parents were frustrated by the lack of inclusive provision in their area. The realisation that this scenario is no anomaly proved there needed to be a movement. Plans to increase the understanding and importance around disability and inclusivity with regards to the play environment began. This lead to the development of the PiPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas) project with KIDS the Disabled Children’s Charity and Occupational Therapist Amy Wagenfield.

Accessible Britain Challenge, KIDS, London Play are only a few names that have picked up PiPA already. Alongside the recent visit to Scottish Parliament MSP’s only means the future for PiPA and inclusive play areas is nothing but positive!

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