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Bespoke play design offering accessible play to all coming soon…

The recent Sense Report chaired by Lord Blunkett states that 92% of parents feel their disabled child does not have the same opportunities to play as non-disabled peers. Jupiter Play are proud advocates of inclusive play. No child should be left feeling excluded, especially when play is such a therapeutic growth tool used by all. We actively tailor our play designs to meet the needs of children with disabilities to provide more accessible play across the UK.

The marking criteria of Inclusive Play’s PiPA Checklist led the design of the Harwoods site. As a result, the site will be added onto the PiPA map upon the Official opening, allowing families across the UK to find and enjoy on days out!

What to expect in the accessible play feature design:

A collaboration between our designers and Southern Green Landscape has led to the creation of a fully inclusive feature bespoke unit. Multiple play opportunities also surround the grand structure. This allows children at all stages of development to challenge themselves on different play elements.

Main Platform and Tower, Accessible Play


Main Platform and Tower

The Tower feature offers ample playing space for all users. Children can choose whether to continue to access the outer walkway or exit the Tower through the Tunnel Slide. This prominent feature also helps engage users with the local surrounding environment. The lower level is fully accessible, allowing wheelchair users to cross.




Main Access Wheelchair Ramp, Accessible Play


Main Access Wheelchair Ramp

Access to and from the 3.0m high upper decking. Main entrance point for users with complete wheelchair access. This allows children in wheelchairs to experience a different sensation beneath them when they change from solid to moveable ground.





Challenging Access Net Tunnel, Accessible Play


Challenging Access Net Tunnel

Access to and from the upper outer Tower unit. Allows children to test their confidence and balance. This is designed to test the most able users. While this particular bridge isn’t wheelchair accessible, the wobble bridge above accesses the same platform so children can meet together.





Low Level Steps, Harwoods, Accessible Play


Low Level Steps

Access to and from the upper decking. Simple low level steps to allow children to reach the upper deck in a familiar way. This also helps children feel confident in their climbing abilities.







Viewing Area

A commanding view can be achieved by climbing to the top of the main play tower. From here the user will be able to see a complete view of the entire play area. This will be fully enclosed including roofed in an open style.







Accessible Wide Slide

Exit point from the 3.0m high decking to the lower level. This is a great added feature to promote accessible play which parents and carers can enjoy the slide together with the added protection of the high sides and added fun of a bumpy wave.







Wobble Suspension Bridge

The value of the suspension bridge is the wobble sensation underfoot and also provides additional challenge to those who seek to test their abilities and confidence.




Stay tuned as we release more inclusive features on the site ahead of the opening…

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