The Dutch Method of Outdoor Design

Yalp Interactive Placement

Dutch Design

We recently held a client trip to Holland, to give our clients the full experience of Yalp and their interactive products. Whilst we were there, we all had an opportunity to explore parts of Holland and absorb all it had to offer.


“Designing for people, not for profit.” – Lorcan Moriarty, Newground

This comment really stood true, the Dutch do seem to design for people, providing them with an experience, everywhere you look there was a simple but effective design feature to entice people to use and engage with their surroundings. The history and culture of the local area heavily impact the landscape design – throughout it was incredible to see the juxtaposition of old and new. dutch design It was interesting to see how the Yalp interactives were installed throughout Holland, the placement, surrounding landscape, colour, materials and more. This not only showed the versatility of the interactives but also tested our own imaginations and the possibilities of designing interactives into different spaces. Yalp Interactive PlacementIf you would like more information about the Yalp interactives, we are currently holding a series of interactive tours throughout the UK – please contact us to book your space.

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