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10 Hours of Play is the Interactive Way!

Whether it was the surge of sunnier days and lighter evenings, or the fact that parks and leisure providers have embraced a new way to  play – the evidence is clear, interactive play and sports products by Yalp are VERY popular and keep people of all ages active.

How do we know this?

The clever folks over at Yalp HQ have designed these products to connect to the internet which allows us to track data on how often the products are being used as well as which games are proving to be the most popular. This also enables owners of interactives to download new games and provide their community or visitors with new experiences to keep everyone interested and engaged for many years.

Here is an overview of the most popular products in April 2019 that are installed in both public parks and retail outlets across the UK – Hartlepool is looking great with 10 hours of play a day at Rossmere Park!

Interactive Play Stats UK