Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire

Longleat Safari
Longleat Safari Park
Installed 2017

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“We returned to Longleat last week to see a brand new play park had opened. The children all loved it. A lot of our friends have annual passes and it’s a great place for us to have a mid-week meet up or a weekend picnic even if we just go for the children to play on the park.”

Longleat Safari Park Wiltshire opened in 1966 as the first drive through safari park outside Africa. Since, it has continued as the UK’s leading Safari Park. This is due to it’s innovative services offered to visitors. Early 2016, the management team received an increasing amount of feedback regarding the original play space. It was becoming outdated and the cost of the upkeep was no longer profitable.
Jupiter was referred to Longleat based on our wide product portfolio and expertise. The project created a new adventure park using design-led innovations. Jupiter Play’s bespoke design evolved from the clients desire to educate children through means of play.

The choice of materials and colours incorporated throughout the design create a more naturalistic theme within the play area which compliments the Safari Park. The iconic Sona arch is central  in the play area, captivating visitors as they walk by. In addition to this unique interactive play piece, there is an incredible amount of play value tailored to a wider age demographic allowing more children to play in unison with one another. The end design also integrated a high quality FHS sand and water play unit with Inclusive Play tactile and sensory elements to make the site truly inclusive by catering to the needs of children with disabilities.

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