Merlin Park

Merlin Park
Groundwork Creswell, Ashfield & Mansfield and Crestra Ltd
Installed 2017

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“The improved park facilities will make a huge difference to the residents and will help to foster community pride and provide a fantastic space for local people to get out and have some fun.”

Merlin Park is part of a large-scale masterplan development including 900 new homes, a business park, cycleways, a series of environmental interventions, a public play area and green open space inspired by the site’s RAF history.

The public park was designed by Re-form Landscape, who worked closely with local authorities to develop the proposal – enhance the surrounding grassland, while sensitively allowing public access. Re-form also worked with a local primary school to develop the design for the play area.

Jupiter Play was chosen to provide the equipment, to produce a natural playground that blends in with the surrounding natural environment. A Charles Dickens FHS unit takes pride of place at the centre of Merlin Park, there is also a Varioset Mini, Stilts Course, 30m Cableway and much more, providing children of all ages with fun challenges.

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