Northgate Park, Barking Riverside

Northgate Park
Barking Riverside Developments
Installed 2021

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“Playing outside is increasingly seen as a saleable asset … buyers are attracted to the places that are going to be nice to live in. Unfortunately, good quality examples, such as Barking Riverside, are few and far between.”

Northgate Park is such a welcoming space that provides benefits for all, a place whereby the surrounding community can connect, meet and form friendships. Using high-quality materials from FHS this playground adds real value to the Barking Riverside development.

The proportion of green and open space is linked to self-reported levels of health and mental health for all ages and socio-economic groups, through improving companionship, sense of identity and belonging and happiness.

Urban planners, local authorities and developers should work together to improve walk-ability in new developments to promote health and wellbeing and create sustainable and popular residential communities.

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