Pocket Parks - Their Positivity & Importance

Stoke on Trent City Council
Installed 2010

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Pocket Parks standing the test of time

The majority of Local Authorities across the UK confirmed a huge increase in the use of parks and also the use of every single inch of the space, discovering previously ignored areas within the park. Pocket parks are now more important than ever, particularly those in highly urbanised areas. With nearly half of people asked in a questionnaire by CPRE visiting local green space more since lockdown parks are more popular than ever before.A great example of pocket parks in highly urbanised areas are the two pocket parks in Stoke – Etruria Park and Anchor Road play area, both natural sites which were installed in 2010. Standing the test of time to enable the community to enjoy them when green spaces and play areas were a glimmer of normality for many people. 

These two parks look amazing, they have silvered over time and sit in harmony with their surroundings. There are many horror stories about Robinia and natural play spaces, click here to read more about why our Robinia is the best and stands the test of time, biting back at the bad reputation of timber. 









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