Stoneham Lane

Stoneham Lane
Eastleigh Borough Council
Installed 2020

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“We are really pleased to invest in these great new play facilities for this area. This new play equipment will, for the first time, provide local children in the area with the chance to enjoy a range of play equipment in a safe environment which also encourages them to keep active.”

Stoneham lane is a fantastic example of high-quality play spaces for housing developments.

Ask for beauty: People want to live in beautiful places, they want to live next to beautiful places, they want to settle in ‘a somewhere’ of their own. – Living with beauty.

Local plans across the country for new housing developments and schemes must prioritise access to green space. People living in greener areas suffer notably lower levels of mental distress than those with limited access to green space, a Public Health England report into improving access to green spaces previously found.

Stoneham Lane play area is a natural play space designed for children from 7 to 12 years of age provides a play space that feels part of the local landscape and compliments the natural features and structure of the area.

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