Outdoor Play Area Development Resources

Here you will find a wealth of resources, advice, catalogues and other useful guidance to do with anything when developing a play, sport or interactive area. If you cannot find what you are looking for here please feel free to drop us an email at info@jupiterplay.co.uk and we will do what we can to point you in the right direction.

  • FHS Robinia Timber

    Robinia Factsheet

    Not all timber is the same. Not all robinia timber is the same. If you are looking for hard wearing vandal resistant solution this is it!

  • Yalp Whitepaper care homes

    Whitepaper: Interactive Play & Dementia

    A unique project on interactive play helping dementia care patients lead less sedentary lifestyles.

  • Inclusive Play Brochure Homepage

    Inclusive Play Catalogue

    The entire Inclusive Play range and guidance on how to create accessible play areas catering to a range of disabilities.

  • Funding Opportunities Guide

    Grant Opportunities Guide

    Working on a play project but just short of cash? Look no further Funding Opportunities Guide opens up a world of places to find grants!

  • World of Innovation

    An introduction to the six themes that make up our World of Innovation including Interactive, Inclusion and Bespoke.

  • pipa-plan-inclusive-play-areas-checklist

    Plan Inclusive Play (PiPA)

    PiPA has been created to help create inclusive outdoor play areas as well as assessing installed play areas.

  • New Interactive Play Contributing to a Healthy Lifestyle

    Healthy Lifestyles with Interactive Play

    Explore how we can turn the digital allure into something constructive on everyday lifestyles.