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29 per cent of people in the UK are classed as physically inactive. Inactivity is responsible for one in six deaths in the UK making it as dangerous as smoking.

How can the public realm inspire change in sedentary habits and motivate communities to be healthier, enjoy the outdoors and feel comfortable taking part in activities that may be outside of their comfort zone?

We have a responsibility to take an active role as designers and provide our communities with a true perception of what an active lifestyle looks like. Too often people are put off making a change to their sedentary lifestyles because they think that the only medicine is going to a gym. Our goal is to provide beautifully designed outdoor spaces with more flexible use zones to encourage more inter-generational play. By creating more of these spaces, people will help engage more people to go to the parks and be activated once they are there.

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The key to a more active nation is to inspire everyone to go outdoors and find the right activity regardless of skill or fitness level…

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