Community hub for new housing developments

Houlton Field extended community

New housing developments should consider the people and environment around them according to a recent survey, which found that three-quarters of UK residents want housing that actively fosters a sense of community.

In Eurocell plc’s research of 1,000 UK residents, 74% of respondents agreed that housing areas should not just be thought of as individual properties and should instead support healthy local neighbourhoods. This is particularly important right now, as people are staying closer to home and are more likely to create connections in the immediate area.

Urban&Civic are master planners who really understand the importance of harbouring this sense of community. Two fantastic examples of this are Houlton Fields and Alconbury Weald whereby the play areas on these developments were one of the first things to be built and were designed into the landscape by working closely with Landscape Architects Bradley Murphy Design.

This holistic approach to planning and designing play spaces allows communities to grow and take ownership of these spaces – attending the opening to not only celebrate sites but also meet their new neighbours.

Houtlon Opening Community

High-quality play spaces arent only good for the community living on these new development sites but also are good for surrounding areas bringing new people to these play areas and the local businesses.

Houlton Field extended community


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