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FieldLab & The ProFit Project

At Jupiter Play we are passionate about creating active communities and making sure that this is achieved beyond formalised sports and fitness spaces. We are therefore proud that innovative Yalp products have been such a huge part of the independent FieldLabs & ProFit projects. We have selected some key information from the recent FieldLab booklet, demonstrating how Yalp products are leading the way in sports innovation.  

What is a FieldLab?

A FieldLab for sports innovation is a research and development location, in a real-life setting where people of varying ages engage in sports and play activities. This research, competitions, and projects are undertaken by FieldLab and Profit partners. Line, Section ProFit, FieldLab, PartnersLine, Section The aim of a FieldLab is to initiate and stimulate the cooperation between, sports, business, knowledge, health and government institutes – using a golden triangle formula. A FieldLab is an instrument for sports innovation and a breeding place that facilitates business creation. Golden Triangle, FieldLab, ProFit, Sports, Business, KnowledgeFieldLabs presents an opportunity for a diverse range of information to be gathered such as in-situ product performance, consumer preferences, and data on physiological and behavioral aspects of user groups.


What is ProFit?

ProFit is an exciting European project, aiming to bring a new road for sport and exercise innovation. Through innovation competitions, the ProFit project has yielded a new idea, prototypes, and products to encourage people to become more active.


ProFit Projects and Yalp – Co-creating innovation in sports and play

FieldLab has been installed as part of an existing green playground in the city of Delft, Netherlands. Several FieldLab projects and competitions have taken place at this interactive play space; From Passive to Active & A Playful Way of Learning.


From Passive to Active

This project was the outcome of a workshop set up by ProFit, the theme was to create an idea for outdoor furniture, which supports the interaction between the elderly and children. The first step to this project was to install a Yalp Sona, an interactive dance and sound arch. The second step was the placement and design of the furniture. The design of this simple furniture line directs the gathering of people towards the Sona, transforming a passive presence to an active participation. ProFit, FieldLab, Active, Communities, Active Communities

A Playful Way of Learning

In 2012 ProFit held a competition for FitLab on ‘Innovation’ – developing all season concepts to be used by both children aged 8-13 and the elderly. The winning concept was Memo by Yalp which consists of seven poles, sensitive to touch and can respond to the players through LED display. Depending on the game and the rules the children move or even run between the poles. A playful way to combine movement and learning.Yalp were also part of a ProFit project – in research and testing, looking at innovating for health and wellbeing. The Memo (International ProFit design competition winner) was installed next to an existing playground. An observation study and a devise testing study of the traditional playground had been undertaken and could be compared with the interactive Memo. Collected data about the use of the park before and after the installation of the Yalp Memo and the use of the equipment itself in different weather conditions. To read more about FieldLab and ProFit please click here.

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