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The Importance of Risky Play and Climbing Trees!

The Importance of Risky Play and Climbing Trees!

A blog written by Linda McGurik, ‘Parents – Stop Worrying & Let Your Children Climb Trees!’ Identifies that children are nearly three times more likely to be admitted to the hospital from falling out of bed than from falling out of a tree.

Children are spending a record-breaking amount of time indoors and on electronic devices, instead of being outside and parents worry more now about their child’s safety when they are playing outside. Both these factors have seen the decrease in not just tree climbing (A study by Play England shows that as many as half of all British children have been stopped from climbing trees) but any form of risky play.

Both tree climbing and risky play have both physical and psychological benefits to children that shouldn’t be ignored or suppressed. Children build muscle strength, improve their motor skills, develop decision-making skills, increase their imagination, nurture their social skills, gain a sense of accomplishment all whilst having fun!

To read more about the importance of risky play and tree climbing read Linda’s blog here.

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