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Why Physical Education is as Important as Maths

Physical education and Memo

"Maths isn’t boring on this …"

 - Pupil, Tollerton School

Physical education and maths

The Research

Gary Victory former school teacher and founder of Smart Frog Education has openly discussed his experiences about the benefits of combining Physical Education and Maths, read his article here

Many students find Maths challenging and find it difficult to efficiently process-specific information during these lessons. Adding a physical approach to learning can help to keep students engaged and help with retaining knowledge. This approach has been found to have significant benefits to kinesthetic and hands-on learners.

This form of interdisciplinary teaching and learning can make it easier for students to engage with the material and retain what they have learnt.

Physical Education - Memo

Memo - Maths on The Move

Games for the Memo are constantly being developed,  and we are excited to announce that there is a brand new Memo Maths game now available which contains up to 500,000 equations.

Different levels can be selected depending on ability,  and there are a variety of games which include subtraction, division and multiplication. A host of new games will be launched soon with the exciting addition of percentages, a digital clock, weight and length. Please find a video of the new game here.