Yalp Toro Ball Court

Yalp Toro

The Toro is a colourful and multi-functional sports field, whereby traditional goals have been replaced with interactive panels. The field contains 4 interactive goals (1 master goal and 3 standard goals) which are connected with cables and contain vivid LED lights and audio speakers, which light up and interact with the player’s every time a goal is made. Players are encouraged to play the various games in whichever way they please.

The cables that connect the TORO lie beneath the playing field and can be installed on mains power 230V AC. To ensure electrical safety, the power cable is double insulated and the Toro electronic parts operate at a safe low voltage (max 15V). All electronic parts are incorporated in the Toro construction and are waterproofed (IP65).

Connected with a 3G-Sim, you can manage your own device(s) on the MyYalp portal with your unique log in credentials. Here you can manage the settings to the TORO i.e. volume, language, time lock and games available as well as track which games are most popular and when they are in use.

There is a range of games available for the TORO, which are constantly being updated as well as new ones being created to keep the game fresh and fun;

4-Play: Clear the 4 points off your opponent as fast as possible

Bottle Soccer: The digitalised version of the traditional child's game of kicking over bottles

Goal Play: Score points at your opponents goal while defending yours.

Red/Green: When hit, each goal will switch colour from red to green - champion by changing all lights to your teams colour.

Shifted: Hit the goal of your colour, but stay aware as the goal colours constantly change around the court.


Technical information
Age Range: 6+
No. of Users: 1+
Critical Fall Height: N/A
Surface Area: